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order ddos attack

If you hit our site you need to order ddos attack on the website or server. On the forums there are a huge number of topics with ddos services at scanty prices, in fact it's not ddos, but real kiddos services, scammers create themes with headers buy ddos​attack on the site, and then the usual customer finds their topic through the search engines, you contact With them in order to buy ddos attack , and at this time they turn to us and ask for a test attack, appearing as the customer, after the test they immediately disappear, when you see the test they ask you to transfer the entire amount for the specified time of ddos. After you comb them your money, they immediately throw you into the blacklist and continue to work further "waiting for new suckers." And you stay at the broken trough without money, with time wasted and distrust of the rest of the services. Our DDoS service has been on the market for more than 3 years, we have passed the tests on authoritative hacker forums, and for all the time we have no negative feedback, except for the slander of competitors who try to spoil our reputation with their fake reviews, sitting without Orders and money for existence. Our operator is almost always on the network, he is always ready to accept a new order, he will give you a free test attack, and will also consult on how to remove the competitor's site from search results in other ways. Many of us write: I want to make an order for ddos ​​services, and after the test attack people just disappear, in connection with such cases we came up with a blacklist, if after a free attack you did not continue the transaction, we bring you into the black database of the ddos ​​market, more You can not order an attack on this site and with your ICQ client number. Order DDOS attack now you can like to buy a cup of coffee in a cafe, everything happens very quickly and simply, you need to provide a site and pay for our services for a specified time to conduct a ddos ​​attack, the rest is our only concern, immediately after the payment of the order, we begin to attack Site and constantly watch him so that he does not show a sign of life and we have no problems with you. If you want to order ddos attack on ip, we can also disable the Internet to an ordinary user, you just need to give us his IP address for the attack. The cost for each attack is different. The price of ddos ​​attack depends on many factors, first of all it is a domain hosting provider, then there is TRUST, TIC, VISITORS, SUBJECTS. If you decide to order a site from us, we are always waiting for you in ICQ client! See you soon, with uv. Resource administration!

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